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Design Challenges

Design Challenges

The challenges of Interior Design

Interior design is about creativity, planning, functionality and aesthetics but as with all things there can be challenges. In design we come across challenges that make us pause. This can come in the form of budget or maybe there are constraints for our electrical, plumbing and AC or even the size and shape of a room can become a hurdle but these are all things that can be worked with. We have to see them as a guide and not a road block.

Each challenge is an opportunity to find brilliance. When you come across a design challenges you just have to change your focus. Ask the question 'how can we work this in our favour?'.

When working through any area that poses a challenge it is important to keep a record of how you plan to tackle it and keep the line of communication open with all stake holders such as the client, builders, plumbers and electrician in the project. You never know where the best solution will come from.

If you work with your constraints and use clever and considered design solutions you will achieve a great result and your project will be a success.

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