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Interior Design Trends To Inspire You

Interior Design Trends To Inspire You

Interior Trends

Trend is an interesting word, it means "a general direction in which something is developing or changing"

Trends come and go and there will always be trends when we talk about interior design. We have just been through the great love affair with chevron and who out they can say they don't have at least one item that resembles a pineapple. Clean lines, minimalist kitchens, butlers pantries, bright bold smack you in the eye colour schemes and pastels are all trends that we have seen in the last few of years.

There has been a shift in our home towards a more earthy interior. Our white walls and wallpapers are being morphed into wonderfully moody spaces with dark blue black tones and timber features. Just be mind full to choose your timbers wisely, reclaimed timber is always a wise choice and will bring texture into your space and it's colour will add the warmth that a home environment is always looking for.

If you want to know what is hot then think 'contrast'. In the kitchen mixed materials like stone bench tops or concrete bench tops with timber shelves, subway tiles, two tone upper and lower cabinets and floor tiles with exotic patterns are really on trend. Our kitchens are starting to get there personalities back. Welcome home.

Bathrooms have also undergone a face lift when it comes to these new trends. We have moved away from the sleek minimalist grey and white bathrooms from the last few years and new energy has been breathed into this part of our homes. Just like in the kitchen, bathrooms are being given personality again. We are seeing wonderful patterned tiles being laid as feature floors, yearning back to a bygone era with wonderful ornate designs. Remember I said contrast, well in the bathrooms black tap ware is hitting it's strides and boy is it sexy. Also bringing small highlights of black into other features in the bathroom such as framing a window in black or choosing contrasting light fixture this will brings this look together and create some balance. The best way to tone down this high contrast look is to introduce some timber elements, over all the look and feel is strong, earthy and modern.

When it comes to trends make sure you chose a design you truly love especially when creating a space like a bathroom or kitchen as they are a big investment because a trend is after all " a general direction in which something is developing or changing" a new trend may be just around the corner but if you love the space, no matter the trend, it will always be home to you.

Interior design is now for everyone.

In the past Interior designers were predominately used by the upper class to create homes that were masterpieces, but times have changed and the world of interior design has opened it's door to everyone.

People these days want to live in a home that makes sense to them and also live in a space that expresses their own personality. More and more families want to live in a home that is open plan and thus keeps them all connected and it is important to get this right. Good interior design can create good function and form or flow, therefore balancing the harmony within the home. These design elements are what the modern family home wants and with the help of a good interior designer, this can be made possible. Lifestyle today is so busy therefore we need our homes to work for us.

Of course we still have high end interior designed homes that grace our magazine pages and are showcased on TV. They are interesting and inspiring with infinity pools, floor to ceiling walls of glass and amazing works of art, but why can't we all aspire to have a piece of this too. The great divide between to classes is slowly closing, todays society now has a middle ground were many people across all demographics are aspiring to create a home that has their own particular interior design flare and they now have the budget and availability of products to achieve it as well.

With the flood of visual stimulation from the media, people are become inspired to have a design space for themselves. An 'interior revolution' has started. Furniture and home ware stores can vary greatly in the prices and if you make select decisions on the pieces you love and can afford you can change your interior profoundly. Let's face it even those who have an extremely tight budget can make some smart design decisions with on line shopping and budget stores. They have come to the party with fashionable interior décor and furniture opening up endless possibilities.

Our options out in the market place are full of design delights. Good interior design does not always have to be expensive as long as it tells our story, for example a splash of colour, updating furniture or installing up to date lighting. Even taking out that interior wall to open up a space.

Interior design is accessible to anyone who is inspired to make their house a modern home, you just have to work within your budget and go for it.

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